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It all began with Betty…..

Well..this is all new to me…Wordpress I mean…I did once have a dabble in the world of blogging but I got too confused by all the techy talk and ran to the hills…
But..I wanted to move in the direction of a possible blog attached to a web domain, “thinking outside of my nine dots”, as my nan would say, to a possible larger market for my little old Betty and Peg.

And talking of Betty, that’s what brings me here…as without the lovely Betty May Ansett, I would not be as fortunate to sew on my lovely Frister Rossmann Cub which is my pride and joy for creating all my crafty bits – an inherited gem – although I fear one day soon I may have to cheat on the poor old gal (the machine that is) as if I’m to carry on crafting, I’m gonna need some muscle behind the material and some fight to my fabric to bite the bullet and invest in a machine that can take my makes to the next level – to have a needle finish up out of a garment would be such a luxury!

I’m sure most of us learn to sew in the laps of our “olds”, and it is something that we as adults treasure, especially knowing how impatient it can make you, when you just wanna push that 7yr old outta the way to take charge of that little bear she’s been trying to sew for the last half hour…but we relent, and smile and let our little darling carry on humming her happy tune whilst she attaches Babbitbaby’s arm into place.

But for me, it didn’t come naturally, I did not inherit any skill from a long line of machinists or natural self garmenting fashionistas. I’ve had to learn it all from scratch; from simply learning that my machine winds a bobbin, rather than winding it by hand (yes I really did do that once!) – to creating a complex pattern to recover an armchair (I did do that!) and that’s all thanks to a wonderful lady, my sewing tutor Deborah Good – check her out here: www.prettygoods.co.uk or prettygoods2.blogspot.com – she must have the patience of a saint, to be able to show me the ropes or in this case piping cord.

Well, I think I’ve said enough for a first post….and I’m hoping after writing in that little ‘About Me’ box up top that it actually shows on this page to give all a bit more of an idea who this crazy lady is; sitting, hiding behind her ipad, writing in her very loud lounge surrounded by very loud little people….off to make a brew…

and remember..life is like a cup of tea….it’s all in how you make it 🙂