About Me

Betty and Peg – that’s my business, well I say business, my work in progress…whilst trying to get my fat butt fit, being mumma to Lola & Raff, and wife/lover/Michelin star chef to the very OCD husband Simon (you won’t ever get to speak to him for clarity on this point – so just KNOW that’s how he sees me – ok I am really shit at cooking!!)

We live in a little town in Kent, in a busy little house, with the above two little shittles running the show….although you can find me most days barricaded in the smallest room in the house, spotify blasting,   sewing my way through my daydreams.

So any way here’s the start…I make and sell handsewn and machine sewn items, handmade cards and any other quirky bits that escape the back door of my brain.

I would like to open my business eyes a little wider, whilst brushing up on my very rusty literacy and general writing skills as I haven’t typed on a computer since I was a spotty little swot at school.

Hopefully the world of blogging will enable me to reach those that do not yet know of this mad woman armed with a very old sewing machine, a brain full of ideas, a sense of humour and her last smidgen of sanity. > insert small amount of creative talent here <

I’m not here to ‘big up’ my page, my makes, myself or to flood you with a million and one things that I’m selling (tbh I am still in the early stages of crafting for business/time management and I wouldn’t know what to do if I suddenly got an influx of items to make).

So….. I won’t upload 100 cat photos a day, or take 1000 pictures of my feet…I will however swear a lot…joke a lot and generally waste time procrastinating and stalking other bloggers. 

Plus I love a share of tips and tricks and to write about things that tickle me and I would like to learn of new crafts, shops, blogs, lovely things that I may be missing out on. 

If you see something that makes you stop for more than 20 seconds then hopefully I’m doing something right. Boob bump to that! 


4 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you, and totally likewise…its so nice to make some connections away from facebook and Twitter…I’m loving reading others blogs, I think there’s always new things to learn and what a lovely platform to do so. Thanks again for your lovely message. With many best wishes Tash xxx

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